Tesco Promotion

The Select Hotels / Tesco Clubcard Promotion has now finished. 


Tesco Ireland have reduced their partners in the Tesco Clubcard promotion. As a result Tesco Ireland will not be including Select Hotels as a partner from the 31st August 2019.


Customers have until the 31st August 2019 to boost your vouchers for Select Hotel tokens, then a further six months to use them to book your stay.


Thank you for booking Select Hotels during our partnership with Tesco Ireland.


Please refer to the Terms & Conditions in your eTokens/Boost Tokens email that you would have recieved from Tesco for details on how to book if you have boosted your tokens or call Clubcard Boost on 1850 744 844. 


Any questions you have please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 4391998. 




Select Hotels of Ireland Partnership Promotions

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