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During this very difficult time of COVID-19, Select Hotels are focused on the health and safety of our guests and employees. Ireland has a wonderful reputation for its warm hospitality, our independent Irish hotels will continue this tradition; while we have to maintain social distancing, high levels of cleanliness and observe subtle but very important changes, we will do this in a way that we do not lose, what is our unique selling point, an Irish Welcome.  Our hotels have a genuine interest and care for their guests who will always be at the fore-front of what they do.   

Our Hotels are following all Government, HSE & Failte Ireland Health & safety guidelines in relation to Covid-19, as well as their own very extensive operational procedures. Please see our hotels individual Covid-19 procedures giving you reassurance and confidence when booking our hotels, please click here.

Their teams, in all departments, have had training to meet all the necessary HSE, Failte Ireland & Government directive guidelines. Our Hotels have commitment to hygiene excellence.

Here are the core procedures in our hotels;

  • Our hotels have hand sanitisers readily available throughout their property
  • Floor foot markings will be available to guide guests on where to stand and in some areas which directions to walk
  • Hand washing and hand gel facilities are available in all toilets for use
  • All service (for food & drinks) will be done based on table service, tables will be distanced from each other
  • Tables & condiments will be pre-sanistised and set before the customer sits
  • All glasses /crockery and cutlery are given to customers sanitised 
  • Accommodation Teams will follow Covid-19 Accommodation Checklists to ensure all areas of the bedroom & bathroom have been sufficiently cleaned & sanitised
  • After a bedroom is cleaned, an Accommodation Supervisor then checks it is cleaned to the highest standard in accordance to all guidelines After checks, the entire bedroom and bathroom areas are sprayed with Sanitiser Spray
  • The bedroom will then be closed until the next guest arrives
  • All lift exits will have sanitisers at the entrance so that guests and staff can sanitise their hands as they enter and exit
  • The maximum capacity of the lift is 2 people at any one at a time, or if not sharing accommodation together, only one person at a time.
  • All public areas and touch surfaces will be spray sanitised very frequently throughout the day
  • Swimming pools (where available) are operting on a reservation system with time limits to allow for cleaning and enjoyment of the facilities for all guests. 
  • Kids clubs (where operating) are taking into account all health & safety requirements. 


  • Have all completed Hygiene Excellence Training
  • Will maintain social distance at all times
  • Will wash their hands as frequently as possible
  • Handwashing will be for a duration of 20 seconds or more
  • Hand sanitisation will be done during each and every task of service
  • Will wear the required PPE per department (some departments are optional)
  • Will declare they are illness free and able to work
  • On arrival at work, staff will wash their hands and use hand sanitiser

Select Hotels have always and will always be focused on hospitality, service and attention to detail in our unique independent Irish Hotels. The Select team are here to answer any question you have, to give your reassurance before you book, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0214391998 or email

We are delighted to be back to what we do best, looking after & booking our customers into Select hotels around our beautiful country, in the most professional and friendly way possible. We understand that plans can change so we have no booking deposit and short cancellation policy to give you confidence when booking.

We thank all of our guests for their understanding and support during this difficult time, it is very much appreciated.

The Select Hotels of Ireland Team


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Select Hotels Covid Safety Select Hotels Covid Safety